Dr. Pankaj Talwar
Dr. Pankaj Talwar

Course Objectives And Aim

Course – Objectives
The i- Ceat (Clinical and Embryology Academy of ART) a subsidiary of ARTech group is launching its Assisted reproductive technology training Course for Clinicians and Embryologists from January 2020.
The seven courses would include extensive 18 hrs dedicated teaching and intensive hands on training sessions in Andrology, Embryology culture techniques, Cryofreezing, Micro manipulation and Clinical ART procedures .
The academy will also provide Oocyte Pick up & Embryo Transfer training on Simulators.

  • The course would provide a one to one training to develop knowledge and skills in all aspects of IVF including performing essential procedures to ensure the highest possible success rates.
  • We are a strong proponent of healthy mind and body, keeping this in mind we are adding 30 minutes session on meditation and Pranayam during the course. This would help you relax and have more focussed learning .

Course – Aim

  • To impart the latest relevant knowledge and offer the opportunity to have a complete learning experience with the expert clinicians and embryologists .
  • The main focus of these two days intensive course would be imparting master training in Ovarian Stimulation Protocols for IUI / IVF for the practising ART specialist, Embryo Transfer Techniques, andrology, IUI and basic to advanced embryology and cryobiology .