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Course – Objectives
The i- Ceat (Clinical and Embryology Academy of ART) a subsidiary of ARTech group is launching its Assisted reproductive technology training Course for Clinicians and Embryologists in January 2020.
i- Ceat is Now Digital

  • Launching e-learning Courses
  • Digital Learning modules
  • Online assessments
  • Online lectures
  • Video lectures Series
  • Extensive Hands-on two Day courses

The Plan –

  • Each course would have three modules.
  • Each of the three Course modules would be sent to you online for home-based Self-study Over one week.
  • For each module, there would be a 2 hr online lecture by the training team and live or video demonstration.
  • An online formative assessment Exam would follow each module’s self-study completion.
  • Each course with three respective modules would be over in 60 days.
  • After the candidate clears the formative, she/he would be given dates for two days of extensive hands-on training sessions in Delhi on simulators at an advanced training laboratory.
  • The candidate would be awarded a course completion certificate at the end of the hands-on trg session.

Course – Aim

  • To impart the latest relevant knowledge and offer the opportunity to have a complete learning experience with expert clinicians and embryologists .
  • The main focus of these two days’ intensive course would be imparting master training in Ovarian Stimulation Protocols for IUI / IVF for the practicing ART specialist, Embryo Transfer Techniques, andrology, IUI, and basic to advanced embryology and cryobiology .



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